Raked Intl LLC is a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran SBA Certified, Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) certified, City of Houston Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certified, City of Houston Persons with Disabilities Business Enterprise (PDBE) certified consulting firm.


Business Development

With strong local & international expertise in various industries, our team provides insight and guidance through all your business activities. Through a keen understanding of local & international policies and the unique international economic environments in which we function-we provide recommendations and insights that add value to your organization.


We deliver enduring results. We work with you to transform your organization, driving bold ideas and pragmatic solutions.

Import - Export Consulting

We understand the difficulty surrounding exporting and importing and we aim to be your expert import -export consultancy company for guidance and support.


  • Public Affairs
  • Strategic Planning
  • Event Creation and Organization
  • Communication and Public Relations

A unique approach to issue management and advocacy campaigns. That’s how we help clients achieve their public policy goals and positioning on today’s biggest issues. That is why our clients rely on us to help avert crises, mitigate risks, and expertly engage the players and stakeholders involved.

We help clients to develop winning business strategies and to design, build, and operate world-class strategic planning processes that drive results. We offer services to organizations to lead strategic planning sessions, build strategic plans, create strategic goals and identify growth strategies.

We turn ideas into action. We consult, advise and provide our clients with tailored programs focused on action and results. We help countries, businesses, individuals, cities, organizations raise their global image, reputation and strengthen their local economy, by attracting foreign investment, jobs and other support.

Creating a positive image in the marketplace is impossible without the right press tactics. We know how to deliver a message with maximum impact, Boost your business and your brand. With our services, we will help you with all that you need to retain existing clients and prospect new ones to grow your business even further.

  • Multimedia Production
  • Community Engagement

A media and entertainment content services company.  By telling great story in a way that engages, inspires and motivates people.

Strengthen your community partnerships. We have a comprehensive set of skills and the experience needed to create and implement community outreach and involvement plans. To make your work successful, we can connect with diverse groups, plan outreach activities, and provide technical assistance. We draw diverse community members into the conversation, whether that’s in person or in a virtual meeting—and in the community’s preferred language.