Who We Are


Raked Intl LLC is a global strategic consulting firm dedicated to supporting your business or brand or organization development and expansion within local and global markets. We consult, advise and provide our clients with tailored programs focused on action and results. We have experience in Global Business Development, Government Relations & Public Affairs, Event planning, Policy Development, Brand Management, Communications, Community Engagement and negotiation. Our close relationships with the CORPORATE, POLITICAL AND CIVIC LEADERS of various countries, make us authoritative partners for clients looking to enter new markets or grow in existing ones.


Raoul Keddy


Raoul Keddy is an international business & affairs consultant, government Relations & public affairs expert, speaker and lobbyist. He is the Founder & Managing Director of Raked Intl LLC. Through Raked Intl LLC, Raoul has been instrumental in developing strategic plans, establishing key partnerships, facilitating negotiations and organizing trade mission trips. Keddy has helped to established trade mission trips to: Africa, the U.S.A, Qatar, Dubai, China and Europe.  In his role as with Raked Intl LLC, Raoul also provides his expertise in public affairs, business development and government relations.

Raoul Keddy is also the founder of Afro Week, an organized series of events designed to pay homage to the African culture through business, entertainment, art and the over all experience of the African way of life. Afro Week is a week of events that celebrates Africa drawing guests from around the world.   He is also the business manager of the NBA player Luc Mbah A Moute.  Raoul Keddy serves on the boards of numerous organizations, including: the Global Business Council, Africa Progress Council. He served as board member of the Mayor of Houston’s International Trade and Development Council.  He has been very active in promoting global efforts for: bilateral trade, commerce, economic development, education and cultural exchange.  As an international speaker, Raoul, has given numerous presentations focusing on topics such as:  global investment, entrepreneurship, economic development and doing business internationally. Keddy also serves as a motivational speaker and gives his inspirational story to help people overcome challenges as they relate to business development and management.  He fluently speaks and writes in French and English. Raoul has traveled the world as part of high level delegations and global projects for business development and economic growth.   He has been on the host and organizing committee of prestigious national and international events.  Keddy has been featured on many global media outlets and is the recipient of several distinguished awards and medals.

He was born in Cameroon, Africa and obtained a B.A. in Communication at the University of Douala.  He also studied Business Management at ITT Institute. Raoul currently lives in Houston, Texas.  He also served in the United States Army and was deployed to Iraq in 2011 to support Operation New Dawn.

To book Raoul Keddy for speaking engagement and interview please send an email to raoulkeddy@rakedintl.com